Coach Luther’s Sports Memorabilia Collection

Over 20 lots of Sports Collectables are for sale which will include multiple sports from the 1960’s and later. This collection is also on Craigslist – Milwaukee. The Collection includes:

Basketball Lots

• Basketball Autographs Lot

• NBA Vintage Lot

• Milwaukee Bucks and College Basketball Lot

• Basketball Coaches Notebooks, Clinic Books and Coaching Magazines

• Basketball Coaches Clinic Flashback Notebooks from Medalist, MacGregor and USA

• WIAA State Boys Basketball Programs (1960-2016)

• Basketball Coaches “Winning Hoops” Magazines (First edition and a total of 116 magazines)

• Michael Jordan/Shaquille O’Neal Lot…. Sold

Racing Lots

• Indianapolis “500” Programs

• Indianapolis “500” Vintage – Modern Famous Lot

• Andretti Lot

• Earnhardt Lot

• Racing Vintage Art Works and Lithographs

• Indianapolis “500” Vintage Scrapbooks

• A.J. Foyt Lot

• 1983 Indy Series Driver Cards (25 signed)


• Crash Helmet (signed by over 80 Indy Drivers)

Football Lots

• Green Bay Packers Bart Starr and Brett Favre Lot

• Green Bay Packers and NFL Lot

Baseball Lots

• MLB – Brewers & Yankees

• Milwaukee Braves Vintage 1958…. Sold

Miscellaneous Lots

• Sports Stamps Lot (Includes the 1992 Dream Team)

• Collectable Ties

• Hess Trucks (1991 & 1992)

• Golf Lot

• Autographs – Cassius Clay…. Sold... Sonny Liston (available)

• Famous Sports Illustrated (Cover Pages only)

• Historic Life Magazines (1945-46)

Contact Coach Luther for More Information on Each Lot and Prices (Opening web page has contact information)