"Get On Target"

  With Coach Luther

Let the Coach’s experience help you to improve:
Within Your School or Work Staff

22 years ago (1994) Coach Luther fell ill with a few health issues and was advised to retire from coaching by several doctors. They prescribed Prozac. He never took one pill. Rather, he developed his own program called “Get on Target”. His “retirement” lasted 100 days, he didn’t miss a beat and at 73 years old, he is still coaching! “Get on Target” was his goal to get back to coaching. Life is short and fleeting. Why Not: Feel Well, Work Well, Live Well and Lead Well? In many cases, we have all been helped and guided by doctors. But in this case, they simply did not know the inside of his heart and  his love for coaching.  

His 5 Key Goals:

1) Pace Production

2) Let's Get Physical

3) Food Rush

4) Time for You

5) Diffuse Negativity/Stay Positive

He worked on these goals daily to get back to coaching basketball. He did and will enter 51 years of coaching basketball this October (2016). For 22 years, Coach Luther has presented this program to teaching staffs, the business world, universities and colleges, athletic teams and many more. Email him for the cost of this three-session program. It just might save a life as it did for him and his coaching life!! With the stress and unrest in our lives, Coach Luther’s “Get on Target”… Self Esteem for Adults has been well received by staffs, students, athletes, colleges, universities and the corporate world. His experience has enabled him to speak to thousands of students and adults. He has presented his three- part program at school in-services, school leadership programs and at coach’s clinics. On seven separate occasions, he had the great experience of speaking at the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) Teacher’s Convention.

His three-part program consists of:

1. Introduction to the OneTeam Concept

2. Leadership Daily

3. “Get on Target”….Self Esteem for Adults