Coach Luther’s OneTeam Basketball

1. Basketball “You’re the Coach” – A thirty-five year project! A complete booklet on Coach Luther’s philosophy and drills which cover: Defense, Rebounding, Ball Handling, the Good Shot Offense and Much More!

2. 13 Zone Offense – This zone attack scores! The “13” attacks zone defenses from behind, utilizes the short corner and has an inside-outside look.

3. On-Line Clinics with the Coach – Coach Luther will provide two Coach’s Clinics via Email and Twitter (contact information is on Page 1).

Clinics through Email are available with questions and answers. He has written articles which are listed below and can be obtained through Email. He will do his best to help with your questions and with your request for any article!

Articles and Sayings

5 Steps to Winning

OneTeam Culture

A Blueprint for Success

OneTeam (We Are)

Bad Team Complains

Notes/Parents Speech

Boys of Spring

Post Play Notes

Championship Culture

Re-Tooling Your Program

Changing the OneTeam Culture

Road to a Championship - Notes



Extra Credit Basketball

TPW is Warrior BB

For the Love of the Game (by C Delsman)

Add Value to Your Program

New Day/FreshStart

Win with 20 Minutes

Observe and Rebuild

Clinics on Twitter - Coach Luther’s OneTeam Story concepts includes: “Motivation” and “Life Lessons”. Each lesson is a clinic in itself. Follow him on Twitter to find his OneTeam story. Email for past Twitter messages. Listed below are the titles:





Changing the Culture




Locker Room




Schools in Session



TPW Camp


July Letdown

Beginning Soon:

Agenda: #GoTime



Join Coach with these two valuable on-line clinic tools to help all coaches